Why Goujanani?

At Goujanani, we have adopted natural practices to breed indigenous breeds of cows like Gir and Malnad Gidda to produce pure A2 milk. Fodder used for the cattle is produced at the farm itself and many cow-based products are also made here.

Desi Cows

These cows produce the healthiest milk containing the A2 beta casein protein. Our ancestors worshipped these cows, consumed products from these cows and lived healthier and longer. Over time, the population of these cows has been depleting to make way for the higher yielding Jersey/HF cows. But, milk from our native desi cows is far more healthier and superior in quality.

Pure A2 milk

A2 milk has been confirmed to contain 25 types of Minerals and Vitamins. It can be digested easily and is one of the best natural anti-oxidants that prevents the formation of serum cholesterol. This milk is so potent and useful that it is also used as a medicine for the treatment of cancer. It is also proven to boost the immune system.


The fodder fed to our cattle is grown at the farm with no pesticides or chemicals. The feed contains over 15 nutrients and this reflects in the quality of milk produced. Along with this, the cows are also allowed to graze forest land within the farm during the day. Due to this, the milk produced has many medicinal properties.

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What our customers say

Here is what our customers have to say about our milk and our other products
Mr. T U Kini

Mr. T U Kini

First customer of Gou Janani

"No doubt, The products are all first standard quality, will continue to buy from Gou Janani forever. "

Ms. Rekha Prabhu

Ms. Rekha Prabhu

Home maker

"Milk from Gou Janani tastes and feels good. My children love to drink it. They keep telling cow's pure milk, yummy."

Mr. Shailesh

Mr. Shailesh

A customer who sources Gou Janani products to Bangalore

"Dhoop sticks is totally natural and gives out an excellent fragrance. "

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