Nagaraja S Pai with his wife, Anuradha Pai at their farm in Udupi

Our Story

An engineer by profession, I, Nagaraja Pai worked in Dubai for four years in the oil and gas field. Thereafter, I co-founded a start-up in the same field and pursued it for another seven years. Due to certain health issues I had to leave and come back to India. That is when the idea of owning my own farm came to me. At first, I invested in a farmland and also bought one cow. Being a heavy consumer of milk, I observed that the milk from this cow was drastically different from the milk I was drinking until then. I noticed that my health was improving remarkably and I wanted to pass this on to the rest of the society as well. This is where the inspiration for Gou Janani came from- my own story and my experience.

Moving Ahead...

Now, we have scaled up the number of cows largely, and we supply milk and other products around the Udupi- Manipal region.  My wife and I oversee the management of our farm on a full-time basis. Exceptional quality and service is what we believe in and we want you to see it, experience it and believe it.