Apart from supplying A2 Milk, we have a range of other products made naturally by using cow dung, cow urine, etc. Do contact us if you are interested to buy any of the following products

Gomaya Khanda

Made out of Malenadu Gidda cow's dung, it is used for havan and pooja purposes

Dhoop Sticks

100% natural, made from cow dung and selected natural herbs. It refreshes the atmosphere and spreads positive energy in the surroundings


It is a natural fertiliser prepared from Desi cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, flour, bund soil and water. It is a natural alternative to chemical fertiliser such as urea, potash and phosphate(NPK)

Ghana Jeeamrutha

This is the solid form of the liquid Jeevamrutha for storage purposes and easy transportation

Gou Arka

Gou Arka is prepared from desi cow urine. Various medical tests have proved that it detoxifies the body and cures various diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc.

Dhanta Manjan

Prepared from Gomaya Khanda, charcoal and natural herbs, it helps to maintain healthy teeth


Pure ghee made out of A2 milk

Fresh Vegetables

Naturally grown, chemical-free fresh farm vegetables